Scents for Your Eternal Muse Candle

  • Tears of Crimson - This citrus and salt muse scent will take you into the dreams of the immortals.

  • Cowboy Sanctuary - Slip onto the range with this incredible scent that inspires the image of a lone cowboy riding off into the sunset.

  • Fantasy Isle - Dream into your fantasy paradise. Scents of the sea lure you away.

  • Cherished - His scent calls you in and holds you tightly in his embrace. The muse for comfort is found in this scent.

  • Valentine - The scent to inspire thoughts of love and resting in a field while dreaming of that lover that you never forgot.

  • Sin - A scent so sexy it could only be called sin. Warm notes of amber and bakery will make your muse dream of the forbidden.

  • Romance Book Club - Close your eyes and dream of being at your favorite book club with your closest friends

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